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Victorian Old Mine Cut Diamond Crescent Moon with Bow Brooch


This enchanting brooch is shaped like a crescent moon adorned with a romantic bow. It is silver topped and gold backed, encrusted with 56 stunning Old Mine Cut diamonds. The brooch embodies everything we love about celestial jewelry, capturing the beauty of the night sky with its graceful lines and sparkling stones. The pin’s silver front has accrued a romantic patina that highlights the diamonds with darkened contrast. The diamonds are prong set with sweeping carriage work along the outer edge of the brooch and a lot of care taken into the placement of the smaller diamonds within the bow element.

The front of the brooch is silver, the rest of the brooch tests as 14k gold. At some point, the brooch was rhodium dipped, so only glimmers of gold shine through on the back of the piece.

The brooch contains 56 natural antique Old Mine Cut diamonds. The diamonds range in size from 5.5 x 4.5 mm (the largest stones within the crescent moon) to 2 mm. They range in color from H-J, and are near colorless. They range in clarity from SI1 - I, with the majority at SI2.  The piece contains approximately 4.25 carats of diamonds.

The piece is marked on the pin stem with the Bigorne mark, a pattern of insects that identifies the piece as French, used from 1838-1984.  The same mark is on the c-catch and represents marks for French import.

The brooch measure 2 “ x 1 9/16”. It weighs 14.3 grams.

Circa 1900.

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