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Victorian Operculum 10K Gold Earrings


This is a unique pair of Victorian operculum shell earrings featuring a deep green and rusty color palette in an organic circular shape. They have a beautiful 10k setting plate with tabs that hold the shell in place. The gold offers a nice outline that compliments the shell's color palette. 

Operculum is a beautiful and rare material that the Victorians revered. Technically, it’s not a stone but the lid covering to a sea shell. It acts like a little trap door, protecting the soft part of the snail’s body from outside harm.

In latin, operculum means “little lid” and that’s just what it does! It's understandable why the Victorians revered this material so much, since it's both beautiful and protective. It was a popular talisman in the Victorian era, believed to bring good luck and protection the owner. Also known as an evil eye because of their resemblance to an eye.

Together, the earrings weigh 8.2 grams and measure about 3/4” by a little under 3/4”. They have a beautiful color palette and organic shape. These "little lids" would make an excellent gift or addition to your jewelry collection! 

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