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Victorian Jabot Pin Sword Necklace with Seed Pearls & Diamond


This beautiful pearl encrusted jabot pin hangs from a rose gold chain. The handle of the sword has 25 seed pearls and 1 single cut diamond. The chain has been delicately added making this into a necklace,  keeping with its Victorian background (circa. 1837-1901). These pieces were known as a jabot pins. Jabot pins were used in men's clothing to secure ruffled or lace pieces on the front of their shirts. Jabot pins were later re-popularized in the 1920's for their art deco aesthetic.

Here, the jabot pin has been turned into a beautiful necklace, both delicate and hard, depicting a sword shape and sheath. Everything is colored in a luminous rose gold. The chain is 14K Gold (marked). The pin section is decorated with small seed pearls measuring .5mm to 2mm and one single cut diamond measuring 2mm.  All together this necklace hangs to about mid-chest or 18 1/2"; it weighs 5.4 grams.

Excellent condition

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