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Victorian Hand Shaped Gilt Paper Clip with Stars


Writing letters was an important part of life in the Victorian era. Developments in the postal service, and the introduction of The Penny Post, made sending letters cheaper and easier than ever before. Letter writing accessories, like these paper clips, were popular household items that have been left behind as treasures from the era. These clips are still functional and make excellent home or office decorations. We have several in our collection, each with its own style and design. 

This hand-shaped clip is a classic design for the Victorian era. The hand wears a ring on one of its fingers, and transitions up the wrist into an elegant sleeve adorned with jewels.  The textured back clip has a lovely foliate motif that adds beautiful detail and keeps letters held securely in place. 

There is a hole at the top that allows the clip to be hung on a wall. This piece would be lovely hung up in a kitchen or office as a catchall for papers, notes, recipes, and receipts, or hung up outside near the front door for outgoing mail. It could also sit on a desk to help keep paperwork organized.

Circa 1890’s, there is a gorgeous patina and lovely signs of previous use that brings character and charm to this special piece. 

This clip is most likely brass (or another base metal) with a beautiful gilt finish. It is 5 1/4” x 2 1/2” x 1”. It weighs 90 grams. 

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