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Victorian Gold Watch Slide Bracelet


This eclectic Victorian watch slide bracelet is comprised of 14 unique gold watch slides, individually collected and fashioned into a personalized bracelet. Each slide varies in gold content and ornamentation. Five of the slides are 10k, seven are 9k and two are 14k.

Amethysts, opals, pearls, glass, and rubies decorate each differently shaped slide. There are hearts, a triangle, stars and floral shaped slides that are strung on two gold filled twisted rope chains. One slide has Greek key enamel delicately bordering the center gems. The detail, range of shape, subject matter and gemstones makes this slide bracelet very personal and a delight to view.

Slides were originally used on Victorian watch chains, and as trends changed and the pocket watch was replaced by wrist watches, slides were removed from watch chains and restrung as a kind of charm bracelet, known as a Victorian slide bracelet.

This bracelet measures about 6 3/8” and has a 9k catch and 14k clasp.  The piece weighs 16.8 grams. This charming bracelet makes an amazing gift or addition to your jewelry collection!

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