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Victorian Gold on Copper and Carnelian Fob Pendant


This is a lovely Victorian-era gold on copper watch fob with a large carnelian at the end. This antique was originally a watch fob from the 1880's but today can also be worn as a fashionable pendant. The carnelian is unmarked, and is ready to be inscribed with a personal mark. Traditionally, during the Victorian era, fobs were worn by gentlemen as a sign of status and elegance. When pressed against a wax seal, the fob became the personal signature of its owner, and would be used to sign documents.

The body of the fob is ornately decorated with foliate details. The carnelian is approximately 14.00 mm in height and 16.35 mm in width. The fob itself is approximately 1 inch tall. This piece weighs approximately 8.00 grams and is in great condition, ready to be worn on the chain of your choice.

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