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Victorian Era 14K Gold Old European Cut Diamond Ring


An original engagement ring from the Victorian period, this 14k gold Old European Cut diamond ring dates to about 1890. The diamond is set in an elegant basket, with eight prongs holding the stone in place. Stunning in its simplicity, this ring is from the era of Old European Cut diamonds, known for their large reflective facets, high tables, and open culet. The ring’s band has a 3mm width, making it a bit more substantial than a typical band setting and showing off the beauty of the 14k gold. 

The diamond is 5.6 mm, with a carat weight of .82. The ring is J-K in color, with a faint warmth to its hue. The diamond is SL-1, but this is deceiving because the small inclusion is so close to the girdle that it does not show in the table and the diamond appears clear and bright. Truly a beautiful Old European Cut diamond. 

The band measures 3mm wide x 1.5 mm thick. It weighs 3.07 grams. The diamond is very secure in its mount, and the ring shows little wear. Still in its original setting, the ring is ready continue its history as the quintessential diamond ring. 

An ideal engagement ring, or could also be worn as a stacking ring to add beautiful sparkle to the hand. 

Ring size 5 to 5.5

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