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Victorian Diamond and Emerald 14K Gold Snake Ring


This stunning Victorian ring is a rare variation of a classic snake ring. The snake’s head and tail are represented with sparkling Old Mine Cut diamonds. The body of the snake spirals around the finger, encrusted with Rose Cut diamonds and a saturated green natural emerald bezel set as the central focal point. The diamonds are prong set into buttercup settings, and gold beads are placed between the spiraling body of the snake to strengthen the ring’s shape. The 14k Victorian gold has a beautiful rosy hue. 

Although snake rings are a popular motif in jewelry, this particular design is rare, and this is a very special piece. Snake rings date back to the Victorian era, when Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a ruby and emerald encrusted snake engagement ring. The image of a snake is rich with symbolism—representing temptation, rebirth, knowledge, and eternal love.

The Old Mine Cut diamonds are 4 x 3.65 mm and 4.5 x 3.9 mm. The second largest diamonds are 3.2 x 3.2 mm. From there, the diamonds descend in size. The larger diamonds are Old Mine Cut while the smaller diamonds are Rose Cut, and the combination of these two older cuts of diamonds is lovely. There are 26 diamonds in total. The diamonds range in color from VS1-SL1 and are G-I in color. The ring contains 1.3 carats of diamond weight. The natural emerald is 4 x 3.4 mm and is .2 of a carat. 

The ring weighs 6.2 grams. The snake is 1 1/8” from top to bottom. 

Circa 1880’s.

Size 6 - 61/4 Not resizable. 

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