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Victorian 5 Strand Coral Choker With 10k Gold Bars & Clasp


 This bold Victorian coral choker is a show-stopper. The color of this piece is stunning, a beautiful natural salmon color, rich and mottled.   Coral of this age was not subject to being dyed so this is its natural color with the added beauty of a 100 plus year old patina. This necklace is superbly strung, comprised of 400 small coral beads, each measuring about 4.3 mm. The strings are held in line by 10k yellow gold bars, adding both a graphic design element that also provides nice structure to the piece. 

This necklace measures 14” at the bottom and 13" at the top, slightly tapered to accommodate the gentle curve of a neck. from end to end, fitting a smaller size neckline. The clasp looks the same as the other gold bars, creating a seamless design all the way around. The width of the 5 strands of coral comes to about 1 1/8” and the necklace weighs 66 grams. 

An elegant Victorian piece that is as current and trend setting today as the day it was made. 

Circa 1890

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