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Victorian 9K Gold Unisex Buckle Ring


This is a charming 9kt gold belt buckle ring featuring a scrolling foliate design. Buckle rings because popular in the Victorian Era as sentimental jewelry. The giving of a belt buckle ring was a symbolic token of the relationship between the wearer and giver. It also symbolized that the giver and receiver were as good a match as a belt and it’s buckle, as well as the binding love between the two people. To this day, buckle rings remain incredibly fashionable!

This ring is well marked; it contains the number “375” for 9kt gold, the hallmark for Sheffield, England, as well last the letter-date for 1915. The ring weighs approximately 4 grams and is approximately a size 11 1/2 or 11 3/4 (though the ring is sizable). This chic unisex ring would look wonderful on anyone!

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