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Victorian 18K Old Mine Cut Flower Dangle Earrings


These delicately crafted 18k gold Victorian earrings feature Old Mine Cut diamonds carefully prong set into the shape of a flower. Combined, these sparkly earrings contain over a carat of diamonds, and the handcrafted details of these earrings make them very special. The largest central diamond is prong set and sits up a tier above the rest of the earring. It is surrounded by seven smaller diamonds that make up the petals of the flower. A place for each diamond was delicately carved into the gold, and then gold was pulled up around the stones to create prongs that hold them in place. The sides of the earrings are intricately layered and make a beautiful carriage-like setting. At the top of each earring is a diamond bezel set at the post. The earrings are beautiful at first glance, but even more appreciated when looked at under the loop and all the facets of the many diamonds are visible. These are true delicate treasures. 

The central diamonds in each earring measure 4.5 mm and are each .35 of a carat. The surrounding stones (8 in each earring) are approximately 2.3 mm each, with some variation in size. Combined, the earrings contain 1.3 carats of diamonds. 

The earrings are unmarked and test as 18k gold. They are 5/16” x 9/16”. Together they weigh 3.47 grams. 

For pierced ears. 

This delicate pair of earrings are perfect for bridal jewelry. 

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