Kirsten's Corner

Edwardian 18K Gold & Sterling Silver Equestrian Hat Charm or Pendant


This fantastic 18k gold charm was made in the early 1900s in the popular equestrian-hunting theme. It has great details and an elegant, simple design. The top of the cap is sterling silver and there is 18k gold detail wirework around the rim and top dome of the hat. The back of the hat also tests as 18k gold.

Originally a stickpin, this piece was recently converted into a pendant—preserving its timelessness but also allowing it to be worn as a fashionable charm. Stickpins rose to prominence in the Victorian era. In the early and mid-1800s, it was customary for upper class men to wear them to secure their ties and cravats. Pins were also worn on the lapels of coats, and incorporated into hats. Eventually, women took interest in wearing stickpins and began using them on scarves, and the style and function of these items continued to evolve over time. As you wear this adorable charm, don’t forget its rich history!

The charm weighs 2.2 grams and is 15mm x 11mm. The 14k gold oval bail, which was added by Kirsten’s Corner, is 5mm x 8mm. This piece looks great alone on a chain or stacked on a charm bracelet.

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