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Victorian 18K Gold Rose Cut Diamond Encrusted Heart Locket


Circa 1880, this heart shaped locket is encrusted with rose cut diamonds, held up by tall buttercup prongs. The prongs are connected as a mount, separate from the locket, which has been riveted onto the piece. The dark patina of the mount creates an effect that is stunning and gothic, as the intricate setting makes for a mysterious, luminous focal point. Along the border of the heart is a delicate hand-engraved motif that adds another layer of intricacy to the piece. The locket’s original bail contains a final diamond in a matching buttercup prong setting. 

The locket hinges open to reveal two heart-shaped panes of glass perfectly bezel set into heart-shaped frames. The tiny clasp that allows the locket to open and close is delicate but secure, carefully done by hand. A photograph or lock of hair could be placed behind the frames to personalize the piece (we recommend doing this with the help of a jeweler). 

The locket contains 16 rose cut diamonds, ranging in size from 5mm - 2.5mm. The rose cuts have a very old, rough cut to them—each diamond is unique—which gives this piece so much depth and makes it mesmerizing to look at. The facets of the rose cuts catch the light beautifully, adding sparkle that pops against the dark patina. The locket contains at least 1.5 carats of diamond (potentially more, but because rose cuts are hard to formulate and the diamonds have never been removed from the mount, we are estimating the weight). 

The locket is unmarked but tests as 18k gold. The back of the locket is textured by two small dents, which show the piece has been well-loved and do not detract from the beauty of the piece. 

Weight: 14.4 grams. The locket measures 1 1/4” x 1 1/8” x 3/4” not including the bail. The bail measures approximately 1/2” x 1/4”. 

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