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Victorian 18K Gold Pearl Crescent Moon Pendant


An elegant 18k gold English crescent moon pendant, bead set with graduated pearls. The 18k gold of this piece has a high karat glow, with a gorgeous buttery look to the gold. Lattice carriage work on the side adds nice visual detail and gives the pendant more depth. The pearls are well-matched in color, with a white, creamy lustrous glow to them. They are in excellent condition with no cracks or nicks and look to be all original. Once a pin, the piece was converted to a pendant, making it more usable in contemporary fashion with the resurgence of popularity in celestial jewelry. 

Victorian stones had their own “language” and were used in jewelry to represent different sentiments. Pearls symbolized teardrops, and poetic meaning can be found in the moon and pearl symbology of this pendant. 

The pendant is marked on the side as 18k and contains the maker’s mark “SS”. The pendant weighs 2.35 grams and measures 2” (including the bail) x 1/8” (at its widest point) x 3/16” thick. The pendant contains 21 pearls that range in size from 1 - 2.75 mm. 

The pendant looks great in a stack with other celestial jewelry. It is pictured here with the 14K Gold Edwardian Pearl and Sapphire Crescent Moon Pendant, Edwardian 14K Gold Hand-Engraved Horse Shoe Nail Pendant, 14K Gold Signature Galaxy Moon and Stars Pendant with Diamond and Enamel, and Vintage Handmade 22K Gold Belcher Link Chain.

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