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Victorian 18K Gold Fancy Link Collar Chain with Stars

Circa the 1850’s, this 18k gold Victorian chain is handmade with incredible attention to detail. Each link consists of a series of three-dimensional fluted oval links detailed with a ball on each end. In the center of the link is a circular motif with tiny stars cut out of the gold. This is a delicate, labor intensive piece, with a gorgeous woven quality. The chain is snakelike and reminiscent of vertebrae or sheafs of wheat. The gold has a beautiful patina that gives the chain a soft, darkened glow. 

The chain is unmarked and acid tests as 18k gold. It is 18.25” long x 1/4” wide and 1/8” thick. The circles within the links (containing the stars) are 3mm across. The chain clips together with a spring ring that is 11 mm across. The piece weighs 19 grams. 

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