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Victorian 18K & Turquoise Bracelet with Padlock Locket-Clasp


An incredible Victorian bracelet with an ornate padlock style locket-clasp and turquoise stones. This bracelet is a statement piece, with lots of details to admire. 

The locket-clasp has a hand-tooled and stippled floral motif that looks like a blooming garden. The clasp has two tones of gold, rose and yellow, that are offset by five Persian turquoise stones. Three of the stones measure 4.5 mm and two measure 2.25 mm. 

The locket-clasp is tightly secured, with the top opening up to reveal a glass encasement for a photograph or small memento. This special storage space is an oval shape, measuring 5/8" by 1/2" by 1/8" deep. 

There are 6 chains that attach to two decorative gold bars. The chains have lots of fluidity and movement. The bracelet measures 7 1/4" when closed and weighs 45 grams. 

A unique and intricate piece that cannot be missed. It is completely hand tooled and exhibits some of the finest qualities of well made antique jewelry. This bracelet is an incredible heirloom and can be admired and worn for many years to come. Make it your treasure. Circa 1860-1870

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