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Victorian 18K and 14K Gold Russian Intaglio Fob/Pendant with Snakes


 This is an amazing Russian carved carnelian intaglio fob. Two intertwined snakes with their heads at the bottom of an oval base, curl into each other narrowing at the top ending with tails and a bail. The oval carnelian has the sweetest intricate image of a rose bush with a single blooming rose and a bee hovering above; in the background a bee hive can be seen. This is some of the most detailed intaglio carving I have seen to date.  Полезное is carved in reverse at the top; the Russian word for beneficial, good for you or useful.  

The seal is housed in a 14K rose gold stepped bezel setting with snakes being hand engraved in a yellow 18K gold. The fob is 1 1/4" tall including the bale, the oval base is 3/4" x 5/8" . The gold was acid tested the piece weighs 9.3 grams.

Perfect for the intaglio lover, bee keeper or Russian in your life!

Circa 1860

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