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Victorian 15K Gold Northern Star Pendant with Pearls and Enamel


This pendant represents the North Star, also known as the Guiding Light. Circa the 1880’s, this is a classic motif that has been seen in jewelry throughout the centuries. The 15k gold pendant contains 23 pearls outlined by elegant stripes of black enamel. The pearls have a beautiful luster to them and descend in size down the radiating points of the star. The star has eight points, but appears to be two four-point stars stacked on top of each other; the black enamel highlights the front star and the back star spears out from behind it. The black enamel makes the white pearls pop against the gold. The bezel for each pearl was hand carved and the pearls are nestled into the gold. 

Originally a pin, we removed the pinstems and added a jump ring and bail. The pendant measures 1 3/4” tall  (2” including the bail) x 7/8” across. It weighs 6.85 grams. There are 23 pearls that range in size from 5.5 mm to 1.5 mm. The piece is unmarked but acid tests as 15k gold. 

The pendant is pictured here on a 14K Gold Vintage Italian Belcher Link Chain, also available in our shop. 

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