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Victorian 15K Gold Fettered Trombone Link Watch Chain or Necklace

This 15k gold Victorian watch chain comes with all the bells and whistles to make it an ideal necklace. The chain has two dog clips, one at each end of the necklace, as well as a T-bar that dangles from the center of the chain. Charms and pendants can be clipped into the dog clip, or the T-bar can be worn in the front as the necklace’s centerpiece. The links alternate between a bisected trombone link and a fettered link that resembles a knot. At 21”, the chain is the perfect length for a necklace and the elongated lengths are a nice proportion. These types of watch chains—especially at this length and with so many desirable traits—are becoming harder and harder to find, making this piece a true Victorian treasure. 

The piece is marked as 15k gold and contains the maker’s mark “M&M”. The chain is 21” from dog clip to dog clip, with the T-bar at the halfway point. The T- bar dangles 1” from the chain. Each trombone link measures 5/8” x 1/8”. The chain weighs 33.65 grams. 

Circa 1890’s. 

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