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Victorian 15K Gold Chain with Enamel Slide and Dog Clip


Circa the 1880’s, this elegant 15k gold English chain would have originally been used as a lady’s watch chain. Today it makes a great versatile chain, and is the ideal length for clipping in oversized charms. The 14k gold slide is in perfect condition, with its original corking, allowing the slide to be positioned in various places along the chain and securely remaining in place. The quatrefoil shaped slide contains a central pearl surrounded by four identical pearls and leaflike detailings that create the shape of a flower. The slide features beautiful Taille d’Epargne black enamel detailing. Taille d'Epargné translates from the French word “saving cut” and was a popular form of bright-cut work during the Victorian era involving black enamel tracing.  

The chain is a nice, versatile handmade chain. It is well-made with a double link that closes onto itself. The chain has a beautiful structure, and upon close inspection, it is evident how intricately the links of the chain are woven together. At 2.25mm in width, this is a substantial chain that is still thin enough to look delicate. The dog clip at the end of the chain is a beautiful touch, and looks wonderful paired with charms. The chain is marked 15k, indicating it was made in England. 

The chain weighs 18.25 grams and is 30 1/2”. The slide is approximately 1/2” wide. Great length, great versatility, and in excellent condition. 

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