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Victorian 14K Rose Gold & Rose Cut Diamond Bracelet


A beautiful rose gold and diamond bracelet from the early Victorian era. This piece of jewelry features 7 gorgeous rose cut diamonds that are arranged from the center in a descending order. The largest diamond at the center measures 4.9 mm in diameter and the smallest ones, at either end, measure 2.8 mm in diameter. Each diamond is held within 8-pronged, raised buttercup settings that individually conform to the rose cut diamonds and are foil backed. 

There is a lovely hand-made quality about this piece of jewelry. It has an original bifurcated design and, at the center, a row of multi faceted diamonds. The silver foil backs of the diamonds give them a reflective hue that is very romantic and reminds us of candle light. The bracelet is in great condition. There are some very small dents along the edge of the bracelet; these are age appropriate for a piece that is 130 years old and do not detract from the beauty of the piece. 

Perfect for a 6.5 inch wrist or smaller, it adds a feminine touch to any dress. Tongue and groove clasp with a security chain. A makers mark can be found on the interior of the clasp where the bracelet closes shut. It appears to be the letter A and V but I cannot determine the maker. The bracelet weighs 12.9 grams. It is hard to measure the total carat weight as the diamonds are rose cut and irregular, but the bracelet has approximately 1.5 carats of diamonds. They are included in clarity and M/N in color.
A beautiful antique piece.

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