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Victorian 14K Gold Slide Necklace with Dog Clip


This stunning Victorian era sliding necklace has a thick twisted rope chain and a cube slider with a leaf motif. The necklace weighs 11.7 grams and feels sturdy. It is a pleasure to wear because of its versatility. The slide creates many options as to where the chain is worn and how; the necklace can also be doubled up. The slide is in excellent working condition with the corking holding it in place where ever you move it. Up close we see the slide has a lovely hand engraved symmetrical design on it of four leaves. These have been highlighted with a green-gold and they have superb detail. The square slide block is made of rose gold, and the background to the leaf motif has some nice texture that adds depth to the piece. The slider has been marked 14KT on the side. The chain ha also been acid tested for gold and it is 14 karats. The loop or swivel clasp at the end of the chain is gold filled. The chain is approximately 48 inches all around. This piece is a fine example of the excellent craftsmanship of the Victorian era.


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