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Victorian 14K Gold and Seed Pearl Etruscan Revival Love Knot Earrings

This is a fantastic pair of 14 karat yellow gold earrings, made in the Victorian Era and accented with a central seed pearl. They exhibit classic Etruscan Revival design elements. Each earring is constructed from two rolled tubes of gold, which are tied in a complex knot; symbolizing eternal love with no beginning and no end. At the center of the knot is a seed pearl inside of a gold diamond-shaped form. The two "ropes" of the knot are embellished with different textures, and color, adding complexity and detail to these earrings. One is a rose gold rope and the other has a textured, scale-like surface. They are 3/4 of an inch in size and have an old fashioned safety back latch.They are quite unique and date back to the 1880's. They are in great condition for their age.

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