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Victorian 14K Gold and Banded Agate Intaglio Ring


This is a wonderful 14kt gold and banded agate intaglio ring. This antique displays masterful handcrafted work. The banded agate is engraved and depicts a bird; most likely a falcon, wings spread  hovering  over, “ALIS NUTRIOR”. Translating to I am fed by my wings; an empowering statement. This piece was likely made some time in the Victorian era, circa 1860-1880. The banded agate is a light grey on the top of the ring with the reverse being a pale rust.

This piece is currently a size 9 1/ 2, however it may be sized with the help of your local jeweler. The ring is marked 14kt on the interior band. The banded agate intaglio is bezel set within the ring and is in the shape of a shield or badge. It has the approximate measurements of 11.45 mm in length and 12.00 mm at its widest point. This piece weighs 8.15 grams.

This charming ring would make a lovely gift or fantastic addition to your antique jewelry collection!

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