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Victorian 14K Gold Signet Ring with “Spiritus Gladius” Motto


This 14k gold signet ring features a family crest of a shield topped with a radiating cross. The shield is divided into three sections, with vertical lines across the top and bottom sections, and a row of fleur-de-lis across the center. Above the shield is a cross like symbol that contains a tiny image that appears to be a book. Below the shield is a banner with the Latin phrase  “Spiritus Gladius” which translates to “Sword of the Spirit.” A wonderful patina has settled into the signet’s engraving that adds depth to and delineates the images. 

The face of the ring measures 5/8” x 3/4” and the ring weighs 10.9 grams. Marked as 14k gold. 

Circa 1900, this makes a great unisex ring and could be sized up to fit a man—but we love it because the smaller ring size makes it perfect for a woman or someone with a smaller hand. Ring size 5.25 

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