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Late Victorian 14K Gold & Pearl Star Shaped Pendant Brooch


A stunning star-shaped brooch-pendant featuring many tiny seed pearls of various sizes. A series of tiny pearls have been set in all of the radiating arms of this 14 karat yellow gold star shaped brooch. The pearls are filled to the edges, as if it was a blooming flower, a curling sea anemone, or celestial vision. 

During the late Victorian era we see feminine and natural motifs juxtaposed with luminous gemstones and celestial designs. We see gorgeous and unique pieces such as this one, of superior craftsmanship and sublime precision.

This brooch is a real antique treasure. The bale on the back folds in and out, as most elegant brooch-pendant pieces were made this way. The attention to detail is a real marvel as is the design of this piece; each pearl has been hand-placed, bead set to create the undulating effect.

Tiny 1.5mm-1mm-0.5mm peals decorate the star in a radiating fashion. The star brooch-pendant measures approximately 1 inch and weighs 4.45 grams. It is the perfect feminine pendant to wear as a stand-alone piece because it will take your breath away in person. Circa 1890s. In great condition. Marked 14K on the back with unknown hallmarks. 

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