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Victorian 14K Gold Pearl, Garnet, and Paste Butterfly Pendant


A 14k gold butterfly pendant, engraved in immaculate detail. Four pearls are rested in the butterfly’s wings; paste red and blue stones make the insect’s abdomen and thorax; and two pink garnets create the eyes. All the stones are Rose Cut, with facets on the top surface for a very pretty effect. They are hand engraved and have wonderful scalloped edges. Originally a stickpin, this butterfly makes a beautiful symbol of transformation. 

Circa the Victorian era, this conversion piece is part of Kirsten’s Corner Signature Collection. Stickpins rose to prominence in the early and mid 1800’s; it was customary for upper class men to wear them to secure their ties and cravats. Pins were also worn on the lapels of coats, and incorporated into hats. Eventually, women took interest in wearing stickpins and began using them on scarves. The style and function of these items continued to evolve over time.

The butterfly is 1/2” x 5/8”, with an addition 5 x 7 mm oval bail. It weighs 1.16 grams. 

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