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Victorian 14K Gold Old Mine Cut Diamond and Pearl Quatrefoil Earrings


These 14k gold diamond and pearl earrings are from the Early Victorian era, circa the 1860’s. They contain eight cushion-shaped Old Mine Cut diamonds surrounded by pearls, all prong set into a quatrefoil shape reminiscent of a clover. Because they are handmade, there’s an organic feel to them; the antique diamonds differ just enough, while the pearls have varying hues of warm, earthy grey. In the center of each earring is a larger pearl, like the center of a flower. While these earrings are dainty, they pack a lot of punch in the intricacy of their design.

The eight natural antique Old Mine Cut diamonds are cushion-shaped, elongated soft-cornered rectangles. Old Mine Cuts are known for their large open culets and chunky facets. The diamonds used in these earrings have pronounced facets that are easily visible to the naked eye. The large culets allow light into the stone and creates more reflections within the stone. The mirroring of the culet is known as the “kozibe” effect, which enhances the sparkle and unique characteristics of each hand cut stone.

The diamonds are approximately 3.8 x 3.35 mm each, for a total carat weight of approximately 1.9 carats. They are H-J in color and SI1 in clarity.  The surrounded pearls are approximately 1 mm each, with a larger 2 mm pearl in the center of each earring. The natural antique pearls are all original to the piece.

Each earring is 7/16” across. Combined, they weigh 3 grams. They are unmarked but acid test as 14k gold. The earrings have screw backs with beautiful flower-shaped backings.

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