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Victorian 14K Gold Locket with Floral Pearl and Enamel Decoration


Circa the 1870’s or 1880’s, this 14k gold Victorian locket features a pearl quatrefoil flower element as its centerpiece. The floral adornment consists of 11 pearls delineated by a thin line of blue enamel. The quatrefoil has hand-engraved places for the pearls to sit; the central pearl is prong set into a star, stacked on top of the flower. The 14k gold has a matte patina, accrued over time, that gives the locket a soft glow. The luster of the pearls looks stunning against the satiny finish of the gold. 

The back of the locket has beautiful gold backing, and a thin plastic panel that serves as a replacement for the original glass. A small picture can be framed underneath the plastic panel. 

The locket is unmarked and acid tests as 14k-15k gold. The piece came from England, so although it is unmarked, we believe it is European. There are 11 pearls that range in size from 4 mm - 1.5 mm. From the age of the piece, it can be assumed the pearls are natural. They are a well-matched, beautiful selection of pearls. 

The locket measures  1 1/16” x 1 1/2” and weighs 10.43 grams. The locket hangs from a 8.3 mm round bail, original to the piece. 

We love the size of the locket, slightly smaller than most Victorian lockets, which gives the piece a bit of versatility and makes it very wearable. 

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