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Victorian 14K Gold Enamel, Pearl and Diamond Star Bracelet


This gorgeous 14 karat gold bracelet has a fantastic design, with celestial motifs made up of sparkly rose cut diamonds, enamel and a pearl. The cuff bracelet has a yellow gold ball at center, surrounded by a twisted rope design. At the center is a milky white pearl of approximately 4mm in size, and around it are six rose cut diamonds. These vibrant diamonds are oblong and triangular in shape with delicate gold beading holding them in place. They are surrounding by a turquoise blue enamel star shape that has been hand-painted to enhance this nature-inspired star shape.

This bracelet looks stunning when worn, and what's not visible at first sight is the mourning aspect of this cuff; when we look behind the domed gold we can see a place encased by glass. Mourning jewelry was in style in Victorian England after Prince Albert died. It became popular to carry a reminder of a loved one in the form of hair in a locket, or portrait close to the heart.

The bracelet has a safety latch and a security chain attached to the cuff so this piece of jewelry can be worn safely. The bracelet measure 6 3/4" and would fit a small to medium wrist. It dates to the 1880s and has wonderful presence. Remains unmarked but has been acid tested to 14 karats of gold. There is a minor wear to the enamel on the star, but it is only visible through a loupe. Weighs 24 grams. A lovely piece, a must have for collector's of mourning or celestial jewelery.



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