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Victorian 14K Gold Banded Agate Intaglio Signet Ring


Set in 14k gold, the banded agate intaglio ring is hand-carved with a unique image: a shield topped by a knight’s helmet and a plume of feathers. The shield contains a six-pointed star and a half-moon, a wonderfully theatrical image. The banded agate has a pale-white lavender milky surface that exposes a pale peach when carved into.  The overall effect is a symmetrical and intriguing intaglio. The agate is placed in a 14k gold mount with a band that divides and bisects, creating a very architectural mount that’s clean and minimal and mirrors the intaglio—a very well balanced ring. 

The ring has two hallmarks that we weren’t able to identify. One appears to be the profile of a man in a hexagon; the other is a lozenge shape with a helmet between a 3 and the letter K. We are able to identify the ring as European, but are unsure of its country of origin—perhaps Austrian, Hungarian, or Czech. 

The ring weighs 10.6 grams. The agate is 5/8” x 13/16”, and the face of the ring including the mount measures 1” x 11/16”. 

Ring size 7.5, the ring has the ability to be resized. 

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