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Victorian 12K Gold, Silver and Enamel, Mourning Hair Brooch


This is a remarkable piece of mourning jewelry from the Victorian era. This pin is made of 9kt gold, sterling silver, enamel, and woven hair. Hair jewelry became a fashionable mourning practice in the 19th Century.

This pin contains all its original parts and is in excellent condition. The pin is approximately 1” long and 5/8’s of an inch wide. This piece weighs approximately 3.00 grams.

This pin features stunning enamel and silver work. The piece has a black enamel background which truly makes the floral details pop. The four petite flowers are made of sterling silver and green and yellow enamel. The flowers surround an oval shaped piece of glass which protects the intricately braided piece of hair underneath.

Although this piece is unmarked I have tested it as 12kt gold. This piece weighs 3.00 grams.

This piece would make a fantastic addition to your Victorian jewelry collection!

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