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Victorian 12K Gold Onyx and Pearl Matching Bracelets

A lovely pair of wedding bracelets from the Victorian era, made of yellow gold and onyx, and seed pearls. The bracelets are in fantastic condition for their age and a wonderful romantic tradition from Victorian England. They are a perfect pair, excellent example of antique Victorian craftsmanship. Like many antique jewelry, the gold components tests differently; the finely and tightly woven bracelets are made of 12 karat gold, the backs are 14 karats and the star that surrounds the half-seed pearl is 18 karats of yellow gold. The bracelets fit a size 6-1/2 wrist, from medium to small size. The weave is superb, with nice texture and flexibility. The bezeled onyx square that decorates the top of the bracelets, and where they come to clasp together, is a deep rich black that has no chips of scratches. The onyx square measures 3/4 of an inch; the width of the weave made of gold is 1/2 an inch.

Victorian wedding bracelets were traditionally gifted to the bride by the groom at the beginning of their engagement. As is common in a lot of wedding traditions, these bracelets would later be passed on from mother to daughter. Wearing something new and something old is a long tradition in marriage ceremonies. If one does not already have a "something old" for a special day, this antique pair makes a great gift. The bracelets are elegant, and would be suitable both for a ceremonial occasion as well as a contemporary fashion statement.

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