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Victorian 12K Gold Diamond, Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet Fly Brooch


This 12k gold Victorian brooch is meticulously crafted with superb attention to detail. The adorable fly is jewel encrusted, with wings carved out to house beautiful Old Rose Cut diamonds while an amethyst and pearl make up the body of the fly. The fly was made with careful attention to detail. The diamonds are prong set in silver that extends the white of the stones and makes the wings pop against the rest of the fly’s body. Its legs curve around to follow the shape of the wings and flow gracefully alongside the safety-pin brooch that the fly sits on top of. For a tiny added detail, the fly’s garnet eyes are bezel set in silver to match the wings. 

A fly makes for a unique piece of jewelry today—but it has been around as a motif for centuries and was often seen in Victorian jewelry. Flies were worn as a talisman against evil, and represent humility and perseverance. Associated with the phrase “a fly on the wall” it is a reminder that being curious, thoughtful, and observational is the key to wisdom.

There are six natural antique Rose Cut diamonds that range in size from 1.3 - 2.4 mm. The amethyst is 6 x 4 mm, the pearl is 2.75 mm, and the garnets are 1 mm. All the jewels in the brooch are natural, antique stones. The brooch is marked but acid tests as 12k gold. 

The brooch measures 1 3/8” x 3/4”. It weighs 2.43 grams. The brooch fastens with a safety pin style clasp that is very secure. 

Circa 1880’s, this adorable fly will add a unique and cheerful element to any outfit. 

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