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Victorian 10K Gold and Black Hair Watch Fob, circa 1850

This lovely Victorian watch fob chain is tightly woven out of rich black hair that includes both twists and straight patterns. With hardly a hair out of place the beauty of the weave is captivating. It measures 3/8 inches wide and 12 inches long and is complete with a swivel hook to hang the pocket watch, a T bar for the buttonhole. The mounts have been acid tested to be 10K gold. The latch part however is brass. Victorians often made jewelry pieces from human hair as personal mementos. This is a fine example showing an intricate twisted weave.It is completely intact and ready to add to your collection of Victoriana or as a modern day keychain. Hair Jewelry either mourning or for remembrance was popular in the mid 1800s. Photography was not readily available, portraits were expensive; so these treasures were made to so one could carry a small part of your loved one with you.

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