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Victorian 10K Gold Double Link and Ball Fancy Chain


This 10k gold chain dates to the Victorian era, with a handmade elaborate link and exquisite workmanship. It consists of a double link that’s flattened with alternating granulated ball details that create a lace-like texture. The chain is delicate, but has lovely presence on the neck. Because of its age and the nature of 10k gold, it has a beautiful rosy hue with a darkened patina. Intricately put together by hand, this chain exemplifies the fine workmanship of the Victorian era. 

The chain is unmarked but acid tests as 10k. It is 16 1/8” long and 4.25mm wide. It weighs 13.5 grams. 

This chain has a great length to be the top layer in a stack of necklaces, or to be worn alone with a pendant for a higher placement on the neck and collarbone. The chain is pictured here with the 18K Gold Vintage “Mouth of Truth” Pendant, also available in our shop. 

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