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Victorian 14K Gold Collet-Set Diamond Cuff Buckle Bracelet


This fantastic yellow gold cuff bracelet in the shape of an organic belt buckle has a contemporary-looking design but dates to the turn of the century. It has a very adventurous design for its time, and is a lovely piece of history.

The cuff is made of two colors of 14 karat gold, mostly being bright yellow, with a rose gold buckle detail. The yellow gold once has an acid wash texture to it, which today is only only visible when louped on a magnifying glass. A curling organic form folds flat on this cuff belt and atop this curl is a collet set rose cut diamond gemstone. The diamond at the center is dramatically set into this 8 prong setting that is designed to create an open petal, buttercup, flower form. It has a fantastic design and the diamond looks like it is suspended from the flower. The round, multi-faceted diamond measures approximately 3.8 mm in size. The cuff bracelet is made for a 6 3/8 inch wrist. It has a safety chain so that the piece remains connected. The cuff is approximately 7/8 of an inch wide. Because the gold is soft, the hand-made qualities of the bracelet stand out, but there are barely any visible dents to this piece. It is in great condition for its age. The bracelet weighs approximately 22 grams. It is not marked but has been acid tested to 14 karats.

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