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Triple Strand Victorian Salmon Coral Bracelet with 14K Gold Clasp


A Victorian-era coral bracelet with three strands of salmon-colored beads and a 14k gold ball clasp. The imperfectly shaped beads differ in roundness and color, with the bigger beads measuring around 4.5 mm and the smallest around 3mm. The strands can be worn twisted to show off the variations in the beads for a beautiful visual texture, and the bracelet’s 14k gold ball clasp adds a charming, decorative element to the piece. Circa 1900.

The Victorian coral has a nice soft polish that has been acquired over time. Because of its age, Victorian coral is not synthetically dyed, and its vibrant salmon color is natural. Most coral of this nature comes from Italy and the Mediterranean  Sea.

The bracelet’s length is 7 inches, and its weight is 10.5 grams.

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