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Thai Sterling Silver Case with Mekhala, Goddess of Lightning


An elegant sterling silver cigarette case from Thailand, circa 1930. The case features a Thai goddess called Mekhala depicted inside the circle medallion on the face of the lid. Mekhala is a goddess originally from Buddhist mythology who was imported into Thai culture. The goddess is in mid-flight and is featured carrying a lightning bolt. She is the goddess of lightning, and is suspended among the clouds. Her story includes Ramasoon, the God of Thunder, who fell in love with her and wanted to possess her. She did not take to his advances, and one day, enraged by her soaring among the cloud, Ramasoon spotted her and attempted to possess her by casting his battle axe. Mekhala saw the axe coming and held up a protective crystal jewel she carried in her hand; the crystal was so bright it blinded Ramasoon. This made Ramasoon miss his mark and Mekhala escaped.

The case has some minor wear but is in nice condition. The case is thin and could be used for carrying cards, or other personal objects. The case measures 5-1/4 inches x 3-1/4 inches. The case opens and closes securely but needs to have the latch pushed in when sealing closed. The case weighs 
approximately 130 grams or approximately 4 troy ounces.

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