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Sterling Silver Victorian Albertina Watch Chain with Heart


Originally used as a watch chain in the Victorian era, this sterling silver “Albertina” can be worn today as a beautiful bracelet. The centerpiece of the bracelet is a hand-engraved heart. Two wheat chains are held together by quatrefoil elements which are also delicately engraved with squares, lines, and dots. A dog clip and t-bar at each end of the chain make it possible to clip the chain around the wrist as a bracelet, and a final heart-shaped element—whose engravings compliment the central heart—hangs off the side when the bracelet is clipped. There is age-appropriate wear to the engravings (they have been slightly smoothed down over time) which adds to the charm and history of this wonderful piece. 

An "Albertina" is the name given to a watch chain worn by women. These chains were popular during the Victorian era, along with Albert chains, named after and worn often by Queen Victoria's husband, Albert. An Albertina chain stands out with more delicate and decorative design qualities, like the small linked chain of this piece. 

The chain weighs 14.8 grams. It measures 10.5” from end to end, and 8” from the dog clip to the t-bar. On the jump ring, the chain is marked with a lion, the British mark for sterling silver. 

Circa 1900. 

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