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Sterling Silver Spanish Fish Salt and Pepper Shakers


This charming pair of fish-shaped sterling silver salt and pepper shakers were made in Spain circa the 1920’s. With lovely carved scales and high-backed fins, these Tropical fish will bring fun and whimsy to your dining room table. One fish has green glass cabochon eyes, while the other fish has red, differentiating between salt and pepper. The tip of the tail unscrews, allowing you to fill the shaker, and tiny holes around the fish’s mouth sprinkle salt and pepper when shaken. Sterling silver spice boxes come out of the Judaic tradition of Besamim boxes that hold Havdalah spice mix, which were often constructed as towers, ornately decorated boxes, birds, and even fish.

Each fish is marked on the fin with a star that signifies Spain, sterling silver, and the 1920’s. Combined, the fish weigh 1.54 oz. Each fish measures approximately 2 3/4” x 2 1/8” x 1”. 

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