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Sterling Silver Original New York Athletic Club Hermes Winged Foot Charm


An original New York Athletic Club charm, this winged foot is symbolic of Hermes, the Greek god of sports. Hermes’ sandals, known as Talaria, are ancient symbols for messengers, and the flying feet represent flight and freedom, reminding us of the possibilities of the imagination. Hermes was also the god of poetry and trickery since he was known as a witty and quick thinker, always on his feet. There are many interpretations to be found, as this symbol has a long history all over the world. Circa 1930’s or 1940’s, this iconic charm carries a timeless and powerful story. 

The charm measures 3/4” and weighs approximately 1 gram. The oval bail is approximately 3x6mm. 

This is the perfect gift for an aspiring athlete, the orator in your life, or even a witty friend. It is a delicate and small piece for everyday wear. 

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