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Sterling Silver Lion and Dragon Match Safe


This serpentine-shaped match safe features images that are reminiscent of a funhouse of curiosity or an old poster for the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Two dragons mirror each other to create a cartouche with their wings. The cartouche is topped with a lion’s head, and a bow spills out from the lion’s open mouth. Ribbed delineation accentuates the serpentine form, and the repoussé metalwork gives the images significant depth and shape. 

On the front of the match safe, the cartouche is engraved with the monogram “WGC”. On the back, “From Lydia” is engraved in a scrolling font. This sweet detail adds an extra layer of history; perhaps this was originally a gift from a beloved daughter or granddaughter. Circa the Victorian era. 

The inside rim is marked with “sterling” and style number 1000. There is no maker’s mark. 

Approximately 1.1/2” x 2.5/8” x 3/8”. The safe weighs 23.4 grams. 

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