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Sterling Silver Edwardian Graduated Curb Link Albert Chain


This Edwardian graduated curb link chain was once used as an “Albert” watch chain. Now it makes for a versatile piece that can be worn a variety of ways around the neck or wrist. There are dog clips at each end of the chain, as well as a t-bar and jump ring near one end, allowing for two different length options. The classic curb link design gradually increases in width toward the center of the chain. When worn as a necklace, the thickest part of the chain can be worn in front, or reversed so that the t-bar is worn in front as the focal point, with the option of clipping charms into the dog clasp. It can also be worn off to the side for a bold, asymmetrical look. This doesn’t just make a great necklace—the chain can be doubled up and worn around the wrist as a bracelet.  

The “Albert” is the name given to watch chains worn during the Victorian era, named for Queen Victoria’s husband Albert, who was often seen wearing these chains. Chains with more delicate and decorative design elements were called “Albertinas” and worn by women. 

This particular chain is from the Edwardian era and is marked with the date letter “e” for 1904. The chain is marked with the maker’s mark of William Walter Cashmore as well as the marks for Birmingham, England and sterling silver. 

From end to end, the chain measures 14.5”, so it wears more like a choker than a longer chain. The length from the dog clip to the first jump ring is 12”. The graduated links range from 6mm wide to 10mm wide, with the thickest links in the center. 

This is a bold, classic piece that makes an excellent addition to any outfit. Silver looks great stacked with gold for a mixed metal look. 

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