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Georgian Sterling Silver & Diamond Collett Set Earrings

A stunning pair of Georgian era sterling silver diamond earrings with a collett setting. The earrings measure approximately 1-1/4 inches in length and dangle elegantly from the ear. They have a very carefully constructed organic design that is unique for this era. They have an unsurpassable sparkle and are in great shape for their age. Any wear that is visible on the backs is age-appropriate. When you look closely at the earrings you can see the incredible craftsmanship of these earrings; they are entirely hand-made and made of small movable pieces. The design of the earrings resembles shell like fragments that come together to bring a sparkle to any evening dress. Each earring is made of sterling silver and features 3 detail diamonds and two larger bright rose-cut diamonds. The larger diamonds measure approximately 2.5 mm in size. The backs of the earrings are foiled, and the bottom diamonds that are set into almost conch-like pieces, which hang from 14K gold bales. The earrings are dramatic, with luminous diamonds that complement the silver colors. 

They have all the charm of hand-made earrings but are delicately constructed with great sophistication. They are a treasure, quite exquisite, and in superb condition for their age. These earrings date to the 1780's.

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