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Sterling Silver, Banded Agate Victorian Anchor Brooch or Pendant

An antique banded agate anchor-shaped brooch-pendant is originally from Scotland. It was made in the 1860's and for this reason remains unmarked. It is a beautifully rich in yellows and browns- it is a remarkable piece of polished agate formed to look like a slender anchor, topped with a sterling silver cross. The sterling silver part has some lovely hand-chased work. From the top we have a mariner's link chain that swoops down to the base of the anchor. The needle for the brooch is quite large, and is in perfect working condition.

The anchor pin measures approximately 3-3/4 inches in length, with the sterling top part measuring approximately 1 inch. The bale is round and generous so that it could easily be hung on a chain of your choice can be worn as a pendant.

This anchor piece from Victorian England is a fine example of the "pebble jewelry" or agate jewelry very popular in Victorian England. Plenty of agate stone was found during the late 19th century in Scotland, and it was Queen Victoria that made it fashionable after her first vacation to Scotland. Agate stone came to be the souvenir stone of the Queen, and quickly it became an amulet to be found all over the United Kingdom. In the Victorian language of codes and symbols, the ancho was a popular motif used to represent hope. Because of its associations with the open sea and the unknown future of many sailors, the anchor was worn as a reminder to never give up in believing of a brighter future ahead, thus it symbolize hope.

This piece is very unique and in great condition for its age. Make a lovely gift and token of affection for a man or woman.

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