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Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Perfume Bottle Pendant


This is a lovely sterling silver perfume bottle shaped like a curling leaf, or pepper. This slender perfume bottle features a cluster of blooming flowers decorating one side of it. The flowers are rendered in a soft and stylized way, and are a fine example of natural designs and line work of the Art Nouveau era. On the other side of the bottle is a hoop , which can be used to hang a chain from and to be able to wear this silver piece. This is a nice touch, and the fact that this perfume bottle can be worn as a pendant makes it quite a rare piece! The perfume bottle has a long neck and a sterling silver cap screws on and off easily. The bottle is secure and works perfectly. The curl of this piece, and its size of 3-1/2 inches by approximately 1/2 an inch make this a portable piece, and a great hand-held object. The bottle weighs 15 grams.

This item does not include the silver chain featured in the image. The perfume bottle can be attached to a chain or it also makes a nice desk item, a lovely bedside decorative object, with perfect function to this day. Add your favorite scent to this piece and make it your own!

Marked 925 for sterling/silver content on the neck of the bottle. This piece dates to the 1900's. Perhaps this bottle pendant once belonged to a larger hanging set or Chatelaine, a traditional decorative belt with many items hanging from it. These were quite popular in France, particularly among women at the turn of the Century. Whatever its origin this piece makes an excellent addition to any silver or Art Nouveau collection. A great piece of history to wear today!

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