Kirsten's Corner

Sterling Silver and Rock Crystal Locket


A polished and frosted piece of rock crystal is held in place by a border of prongs on a sterling silver medallion. When a portrait is placed inside the locket, it shines through the crystal with an ephemeral, ghostlike image. The portrait is magnified and blurred, and changes in shape and clarity with the locket’s movement. 

Because the image that shines through the crystal has an otherworldly quality, this piece could be worn as a memorial locket, and could be used as a sweet gesture to honor a loved one or special spirit guide. It almost looks as though the image in the portrait is being channeled from the other side, as the frosted crystal brings to life whatever image you place inside it. 

The locket opens and closes with a crisp, tight snap, and is very secure. It would look great on a sterling silver chain. The locket weighs 8.4 grams and is 3/4” across. The bail is 5.5 x 7.3mm. The interior of the locket is marked with “sterling” and the signature of the maker. 

Circa 2000, this is a contemporary piece with a nostalgic feel. 

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