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Single Strand of Large Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearls with Sterling Silver Clasp


This is a gorgeous 18 inch strand of large Tahitian South Sea cultured pearls. The 31 pearls are a beautiful blue gray color with a lovely iridescence. While the nacre on the pearls is not perfect and you can see blemishes with the naked eye, the pearls are still incredible to admire. Their shape is good and they look so elegant when worn. They are quite large, ranging from 15.31 mm tapering to 11.28 mm and perfectly round. The are strung and knotted on a silk thread. sterling silver ball clasp is stamped "925." The whole necklace weighs 98.59 grams.

Surface Grade: 3 (GIA Scale 1-10) 
Luster: 5- Medium 
Quality Grade: 4- Fair to Good 
Shape Grade: 7- Very Good

This necklace comes with paperwork and evaluations for insurance purposes.

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