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Signature 14K Gold Flower Ring with Diamonds and Emerald

This delicate and feminine ring displays the perfect tender Victorian era flower made of bead set diamonds on each petal and a central luminous green emerald. The ring is made from a Victorian era flower and a newer band so it is a signature ring, available only through Kirsten's Corner. The flower is quite a beauty and sits perfectly atop a thin gold band, which has been acid tested to 14K gold. The flower, which measures approximately 1/4 of an inch in size, has also been acid tested to 14K gold and shows superior craftsmanship. The central emerald is approximately 3mm in size while the tiny diamonds are 1mm each. Each of its petals features a diamond and has been exquisitely carved to create volume and texture. The ring is a size 4-1/2 but could be easily sized up by a professional jeweler. A beautiful hand-made ring, which could also work as a pinky ring. Feminine and understated. A true gem!

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